Laser Z Launches into Early Access

ZA Games Studio is excited to announce the Early Access Release of Laser Z - an 80s inspired action game in Virtual Reality.

 Channeling the nostalgia of the 80's with it's game play and visuals (not to mention a really cool original soundtrack), it's easy to learn but challenging to master.   The game has been designed for both the casual player and the player that want's to unlock everything.  Utilising your VR Controllers to become laser rods, you must not only destroy the cubes but manager your laser energy.  

The following features are available in Early Access:

  • World Mode - complete levels to progress to the through the worlds.  Each world introduces a new game play element.  Currently there are 4 worlds to progress through with 36 levels.
  • GunSlinger Mode - just you and your reflexes.  Each wave of cubes, get's quicker and quicker, how far can you go.
  • Competition Alley - like GunSlinger mode but designed for party play so you can challenge each other.

The following features are also being worked on:

  • World Mode - more worlds and Levels (Worlds 5 and 6 currently being worked on and Worlds 7-10 have been mapped out)
  • Challenge Mode - utilising the stars gathered in World Mode, Players will be able to create their own challenge.  The rationale behind gathering stars is they unlock the customizable options in Challenge Mode.  The more stars, the more you can customize your game.
  • Level Editor - this one make take the longest to develop as we are working on an intuitive interface and approach to build a 3D level on a flat screen.  
  • Worldwide leader boards, ability to share levels are also in the works.

ZA Games Studio is an indie developer made up of Father (programming) and Son (music).  We are excited for you to play the game and are really looking forward to your feedback.  

 Your feedback will be especially important to us ensure that the levels are both fun and challenging. While the game has a good range of cube types, we will use player feedback to add new cube types and improve playability of existing cube types. Currently we are planning on 4 types of game modes and your feedback will help us validate those. There may be game play modes we haven't thought of yet.

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